Research & Quality
From the first seed to the last tablet, every NUTRIWAY® supplement demonstrates Carl Rehnborg's commitment to the highest standards of quality, offering you the best of nature and best of science.

The Nutrilite Health Institute
Amway’s Nutrilite Health Institute connects more than 100 scientists, chemists, botanists, microbiologists, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists around the world. All are respected and globally recognised within the fields of nutrition and health and are dedicated to producing quality supplements and vitamins. The Institute carries out studies at the forefront of nutritional science, supplementation and genetics. We are among only a select few brands with the resources, laboratory facilities and scientific staff at this high level.

Nutrilite Scientific Advisory Board
The Scientific Advisory Board guides all NUTRIWAY® research, overseeing the activities of the Health Institute and ultimately the future of all NUTRIWAY® products. The board brings together the expertise of ten leading scientists from the fields of nutrition, health, and genetics. Their extensive knowledge of all fresh developments in each rapidly changing field allows Nutrilite research to stay relevant and all NUTRIWAY® products to benefit from the latest scientific innovations.

From the first seed to the last tablet, every NUTRIWAY® supplement demonstrates Carl Rehnborg's 75 year commitment to the highest standards of quality and value.


6,400 acres of NUTRIWAY farmland nurture plants rich in nutrients and minerals. Sustainable agricultural techniques and chemical-free processes maintain the health of the soil, producing high quality crops in balance with nature. Once harvested, state-of-the-art equipment dehydrates and processes the plants within hours. Special techniques extract and capture nature's valuable nutrients.

Quality At Every Stage

Our team of quality-assurance experts maintain exceptionally high standards at every stage of production, across the NUTRIWAY range. Each tablet and supplement has to meet precise specifications for quality, potency, size, weight and hardness.

Meanwhile, the leading nutritional scientists and researchers of the Nutrilite Health Institute continue to search for new concentrates and improved formulations. Every NUTRIWAY supplement represents the latest scientific research and the highest manufacturing quality.

*NUTRILITE products branded as NUTRIWAY in Australia and New Zealand